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Shoulders with the giant, with Ling Ben.18 years of experience in metallurgical machinery industry has led to the recognition of nearly 10,000 customers.

Save for enterprise users.35%the cost of equipment!

Superior performanceEnergy conservation and environmental protection, mechanical efficiency increased by 10%.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, mechanical efficiency increased by 10%Through product quality system certification, all aspects of quality management ensure quality.

Convenient and quickSelf-production and self-sales, save more intermediate links, customers to create high value with low profit.

High cost performanceProfessional manufacturers directly connect customers, without intermediate links, equipment prices have advantages.

Provide professional services for the installation, operation and maintenance of rolling and steelmaking machinery.

According to the requirements of steel rolling and steelmaking in different industries, set up units and accessories to ensure better operation effect.

Professional optimization design scheme, adopt efficient energy-saving main engine, motor, reasonable structure layout, improve performance.

Provide customers with professional and complete industrial design and construction solutions for rolling steel.

Planning and guiding machine room.Make system planProvide the products required by the system.Overall component configurationInstallation technical guidanceDaily maintenance
We have 200 service outlets all over the country, providing you with professional fast steel rolling and steelmaking unit maintenance and repair service.

18 years of professional experience in handling all kinds of equipment failures.

Original factory spare parts, preventive maintenance, regular inspection.

Free instruction on installation, site commissioning and training.

Monthly routine inspection to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

24 hours round-the-clock service, fast 8 hours to the scene.

Into Ling BenEnterprise management standard, strong technical force, its products and services throughout the country.

ABOUT LINGBENGJiangsu linben machinery technology CO. LTD

Jiangsu brought the running of the machinery and equipment technology co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in second-hand metallurgical machinery and metallurgy system technology development, to develop the choose and buy second-hand equipment and product positioning for the customer design, installation, commissioning, technical support, such as service-oriented enterprises, relying on descibes and Su Gang and jiangyin steel technical advantage, set each director, take the industry elite, to provide users with professional and complete design and construction of metallurgical solution. We take customer demand as the business direction of the development of the company, adhering to the principle of high quality, reliability and practicality....

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DynamicTo provide you with real-time updates on the running and industry updates.

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